Monday, 3 June 2013

odd hook-ups

 odd hook -ups and some we never knew went out!..........feast ya eyes

Uma thurman & Gary Oldman

Heather Grahame & Adam Ant 

Tommy & Pammy

Brad Pitt & Sinitta

Woody Harrelson & Glenn Close 

Drew Barrymore & Corey Feldman 

Tom Cruise & Cher 

Brooke Sheilds & Nicky Cage 

A personal fave Mazza Manson & Rose Mcgowan 

Madonna & Sean Penn 

Nick Carter & Lilo

Babs & Andre Agassi ( 28 years her junior GO ON BABS)

Coutney stodden & Doug Hutchinson ( The div from green Mile)

 the oddest of them all ! Priscilla Presley & Toby Anstis 

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