Monday, 8 July 2013

Yorkshire 4 Lyf

As Marilyn Monroe is deemed the face of the ‘50s, so Blue Rinse is to the Leeds vintage scene. Its first incarnation was as a stall in Leeds Market and in the 16 years since they have blossomed into a three floor giant with a 15,000 square foot warehouse and collaborations with Miss Selfridge,Topshop andUrban Outfitters. Yet despite their massive success their brand has retained its cult charm and affordable prices. The wide-range of stock is staggering; they currently have over 900 items for sale on theireBay store and the endless racks of clothing in their shop are a hoarders dream. Theirupcycled ‘Re-Made in England’ range, where vintage clothes are taken apart and sewn into modern pieces, is perfect for those who find vintage sizing a challenge but still want the eclectic, one-off look of vintage fabric. It’s currently on sale in 27 Urban Outfitters stores across Europe.

A proper nice Article, so nuff sed really 

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